Building Your Business + Custom School Spirit Wear – Part 1 of 2

Hello Folks! I hope all of you are doing well after that absurdly cold weather most of us experienced. We were down to 0 degrees here in Texas. Let me tell you that is not the norm for us here and we just about froze our asses off! Sorry guys, cold weather sometimes brings out the soldier in me and I want to swear (that’s a story for another day though, lol).

We have some great info for you today in the form of an interview with Lisa Lemonick-Goebel, one of our awesome customers. Her business, is selling School Spirit Wear like crazy.

She is an excellent resource regarding how to make your small business profitable and productive. Notice how she shares her process of building and branding their business. 

Interview with Lisa Lemonick-Goebel, owner of

  • So tell me about your business, how did you decide on ScrappyDappyDoo?
    • The name Scrappy Dappy Doo, is named after a pup of ours, named Scrappy. She was a little white pit bull with black spots that reminded us of scraps of paper stuck to her. The Dappy Doo, just kinda happened when I would call her. How we got into the business that we are in, that too was related to my family. Family has and always will be the reason for many things we do. My twin boys were coming of age for their b’nai mitzvah, and I designed a logo for their special day. That is when we ran into several problems. The first was nobody local would print my design, as they didn’t believe that I designed it myself, then by the time I had found a company to help us, I had lost my full-time job due to the firm closing its doors, So money became tight. So, Mark (hubby) watched YouTube videos and learned how to screen print. Our first job was the boy’s shirts, which was a two-color screening job, which came out rather good. Soon after that, the boys were on the middle school wrestling team, and volunteered mommy and daddy to make the teams player package. We hesitated for a split second and couldn’t say no especially when our children were benefiting from us saying yes. So we did the player packages and through word of mouth our little company is where it is today.
  • How long have you been in this business?
    • We did the boy’s shirts in Spring 2012; the first paying job was that winter. How long online? We had our first online platform in 2014, when the local school required all outside vendors to be online. We purchased our domain name in 2018, and have not regretted that one bit.
  • What do you like most about this business?
    • We love seeing our client’s reactions when they see their ideas become reality. It is always wonderful when you used to be able to walk into stores and see people wearing something you created. I hope one-day soon we will be able to do that again. We are a part of the #ChooseKIND movement and helped to design and create all of their apparel and hard goods to promote kindness.
  • What do you like the least about this business?
    • As I mentioned earlier, family is extremely important to us. At times, I feel as if the business time cuts into that family time, but my children are supportive of us and at times have even assisted. But like other small businesses, we wear different hats, and sometimes that can become a little overwhelming.
  • Why did you decide to take your business online?
    • In our area, getting a school account is critical to growing our business. By being able to offer that service online, saves our school clients money and aggravation. By that I mean, the schools do not have to pre-purchase what we refer to as a bulk order and be stuck with extras to have to try to sell throughout the year. They blast the website link out to parents, and parents purchase online, sometimes more than what they would if it was from a table, as sizing and personalization can be offered online easier. Less aggravation for the schools, because they don’t have to handle cash and paper checks with the risk of misplaced money or bounced checks. Once the sale is over, we prepare their fundraiser check that they receive along with the orders properly tagged and bagged. It is a win-win for all.

Overall, it is highly useful to read about other successful business owners like Lisa in order to find common practices that work and get ideas in areas that we need them. Check back next week for more from Lisa about how she took her business online, challenges she faced and what she would like other business owners to know most!


Todd’s Pro Tip

School Spirit Wear

Setting up your site to handle multiple schools, various products for each and easy access for orders.

Part 1 of 2

Thank you so much to Lisa with for sharing about her journey into the world of custom printing. I am inspired by her story and impressed every time I speak with her as she is always so busy with sales and business but also takes the time with her family. Her work/life balance is amazing and she is an awesome business woman.

I am going to share a not really secret secret on setting up your shop to work with your local schools, clubs, gyms, etc. If they serve lots of people, they are potential customers for your print shop and it helps to make the process easy for them.

Let’s get started!

First thing we need to do is create some product categories for your new Spirit Wear.

How to add/edit product categories:

Categories are managed from your Dashboard under Products > Categories.

  • Add a Name.
  • Add a Slug (Generally best to leave blank and let your site fill this in for you once you add the category); this must be a URL-friendly version of the product category name. For example, all lowercase letters with no spaces or special characters: spirit-wear-schools
  • Choose a Parent if this is a subcategory. (More on this later)
  • Enter a Description (This is a great area to add special information specific to the individual school this product category is for); this information is displayed at the top of the page your school will use to shop for items.
  • Choose the Display type. (Typically left as Default – don’t change unless you are sure you want different look) Decide what is shown on the category’s landing page. “Standard” uses the default. “Subcategories” will display only the subcategories. “Products” only displays products. “Both” will display subcategories and products below that.
  • Upload/Add Image (Although not required, it is recommended to ALWAYS include an image to help customers see what this category consists of.)

Once you get your new product categories added, you will have an amazing page your customers can visit to shop for all the Spirit Wear they need. Take a look at our special guest, Lisa Lemonick-Goebel’s Spirit Wear page at ScrappyDappyDoo.Com.

Stay tuned, next week we will go through exact steps to show you how you can create something like Lisa’s Spirit Wear site. Trust me, you’ll thank me and her once you set this up when you start signing up schools and get the revenue rolling in. See you next week!

Don’t Forget!!!

As with all things when you are creating or editing content in your Dashboard, be sure to hit that Publish or Update button to save your changes.

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