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Creating Products

Consistency in product development – Some tips to make your shop look and function the way you want

As the title implies, this post will be about products. It will not be long as I don’t plan to talk a lot, I just want to step through some of the really important things to keep in mind when you are creating products for your shop. I’m not going to talk about product images as I’ve talked several times about images, suffice to say, make GREAT images and keep them optimized. More images are good, but don’t overwhelm!

Items we are going to go over in this post

  • Product Titles

  • Product Descriptions

  • Bullet Points

Why Product Titles and Descriptions are Important?

The main reason you write careful product titles and descriptions is simply that people can use them to decide what products to buy. So if you write confusing or complicated product titles and product descriptions, you might be jeopardizing your sales.

In fact, 20% of purchase failures are caused by missing or unclear product descriptions or titles. Whereas, if you write quality product titles & descriptions, you can potentially increase conversion rates by up to 78%. That is significant and worthy of the time it takes to make this right.

So let’s jump right in!

How about some basics on Product Titles, keep in mind I have not made these up, they are simply industry norms based on what search engines use and let’s be honest that is what is important if we want potential customers to find us online.

Basic things about a Product Title!

  • Keep your title between 45 to 90 characters (65 is the sweat spot)
  • Use some keywords but don’t go crazy
  • If using numbers use 3 not “three”
  • Do not use symbols for decorations
  • Do not add prices to titles
  • Do not add things like “free shipping” to titles
  • Do not include reviews, quotes or testimonials in titles
  • Do not use subjective statements like “best seller”
  • Never give details on the availability, condition and price of product

Basic things about a Product Descriptions!

  • Use Bullet points in product descriptions (see more on this below)
  • Use at least 250 words for a product description, more is fine
  • Do not mention competitors
  • Include key benefits that matter to your target customer and write to inform, not necessary to sell (read: don’t be overly salesy)
  • Include keywords without stuffing them in unnaturally
  • Include your product name, brand and keywords (including synonyms of your root keyword)
  • Be conversational and inviting in your tone
  • For SEO purposes, repeat product name in the first line
  • Unless you have explicit permission from a third party to use their description, you must write all your descriptions

Also something to note, your shop has 2 places for product description. The topmost box is for your main product description, this can be long and include everything possible about your product. However, there is also an area called the “Short Description” that we strongly recommend you also use with each product. This is the snippet that will be shown on a Google search or other similar search engine. It is what most customers will read first so you want this area to be packed full of useful and compelling content to draw your customer into clicking the link and reading more about your product.

NOTE ABOUT BULLET POINTS: every good product description should have bullet points that provide the customer with important information they can quickly and easy see and read. Things like colors, styles, sizes, etc. can all be displayed using a bullet pointed list, but let’s look at some things you need to consider when using bullet points.

  • Maximum 256 characters per bullet point
  • Start every bullet with a capital letter
  • Recommended to have at least five bullet points
  • Recommended to keep bullet points under 1,000 characters for ALL five bullet points (not per bullet)
  • Recommended to include warranty information or included accessories as the last bullet point
  • Write as sentence fragments and do not include ending punctuation
  • Use numerals (“3” instead of “three”)
  • Use semi-colons to separate phrases within a bullet
  • If item is a bundle or multipack, list what’s included and the size (if appropriate) of each item
  • Highlight top five benefits (not simply features) here and be as specific as possible
  • Naturally include your keyword(s)
  • Speak to your product, not your company as a whole

Don’t Forget!!!

As with all things when you are creating or editing content in your Dashboard, be sure to hit that Publish or Update button to save your changes.

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