Happy New Year…Taking stock and making change!

Hello folks! A new year is upon us. It is time for a fresh start! While we are thinking about a fresh start it is a good time to invest in a custom CoolMo e-commerce website for your business. And for those of you that already have a website, did you know there are many add-on services that CoolMo offers to help you grow your online store?

As long-time business owners, Todd and I tend to go over the past year and think about how we want the following year to look: business-wise. We live in Texas, so I am going to give you a football analogy.

We ask ourselves, “What went well in the last game and how can we make sure we win the next game?” We also want to be thinking long term, it’s not just about the next game, it’s about making it to the Superbowl; right?

In business we want to reach customers, get sales, keep our customers coming back and increase overall sales. An e-commerce website is key to making these things happen. You might be thinking that a lot of your sales come from word of mouth, in person contacts. That’s great and is always an important part of any business. However growing your business solely by word of mouth marketing is not enough. You need additional marketing avenues to reach a broader customer base, that’s where a CoolMo ecommerce website comes in.

A high quality, easy to use and easy on the eyes (folks that is an old-timey expression I believe to mean good looking) website will help you to be seen as the professional that you are. It will also give your customers the options they need to easily order your products!

Maybe you have meant to get your website ordered and just haven’t done it yet. There is no time like the present. Have you noticed that starting a new project at the beginning of the year really gives you a sense of satisfaction and actually sets the tone for the year? I know that is the case for me. I’ve already started getting my business projects in order for the new year and it is a great feeling. If I can do this, believe me, you can too. I am a master procrastinator, just ask Todd. He’s a great husband so he will try to make me sound good, like “she’s motivated by deadlines.” Both are true actually. So whether you are the pre-planner or the procrastinator you can still get on target and grow your business this year with the help of a CoolMo website! 

One last thing! If you already have a CoolMo website but are not happy with your progress, this is the time to get moving on your website and start developing it out like you want it and get those sales. Don’t know how? Ask us how!


Todd’s Pro Tip

Getting your new website going and available add-on’s to help along the way!

So you’ve decided to setup your ecommerce website for the New Year, firstly Congratulations! You’ve made a great choice towards business success in 2021.

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Already have a website, take a look at all our awesome add-on’s to enhance your shop.

Logo Design

Etsy Import Service

Custom Website Development

Graphic Design Services

Submit support ticket for quote on Graphic & Website design services

Again, Happy New Year, all of us at CoolMo Design wish you and yours the very best in the coming year. Let’s work together to grow our businesses and keep our families safe this year.

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