Momentum! Can we plan that?–Coupons

Hello Folks! It’s the end of January and we’ve all had a chance to make and break a few New Years resolutions. I really like the energy that a new year can bring. This past year has been so difficult for our world and our country, that can not be denied. Those of us who are in business have likely been wrapping up our year end projects and really starting to pick up momentum for the coming year in business. It is a great time to look at the direction you are going and plan to keep your momentum going.


Wait, momentum is something you can plan?! Yes, in my opinion we can do that for ourselves and our business.

We have to think about what inspires us and use that. Many of us are inspired by our families. We have spouses, children, parents and the ultimate in cuteness, grandchildren. I don’t have any grandchildren yet (and for the record not rushing that Nik and Joe) but I do have 2 adorable grand-dogs! They are a hot-mess, the grand-dogs, not the sons. Our sons are doing great.

As far as the dogs one is a pit and the other is a boxer-blue heeler mix. The pit, Baxter is a great family dog, very friendly and relaxed, unless he sees a squirrel. He has jumped through 2 plate glass windows trying to get to squirrels.

Okay, back to momentum.

So our families often motivate us. We want to work hard and do well in our businesses. This is how we take care of our families and buy those dog treats! This is definitely what inspires me. I am thankful when I can provide the things for my family that they need and want. This is the feeling that you need to tap into to keep your motivation going. If your goals are providing for your family, saving for retirement, buying a house or your next house etc., focusing on what motivates you and why will help you keep going through the year. The times that I really need to tap into my motivation are when I am doing parts of the job that are less fun for me. That is when I need to focus on why I work my business and get going.

You can keep up your motivation on a daily basis with some morning inspirational time. If you are not a morning person pick another time of day to inspire yourself.  Read some quotes that you like, do a meditation, write a thankfulness list or journal for a few minutes. A next step is to write or check your to-do list and inventory what you need to do. Even if you are not able to keep up with a daily routine going back to this as needed can help pump you up and keep you focused on what is important to you. Best of luck with inspiring yourself, keeping up your motivation and working your business!


Todd’s Pro Tip

Creating Sale Coupons

Part III – Usage Limits

Our 3 part series on Creating Sale Coupons is coming to a close with this part 3 which we will talk about adding usage limits to your coupons.

This is very handy when you want to restrict your coupons either by coupon or by customer. Let’s take a look!

Usage Limits

To get to the Usage limits settings, just navigate to your coupon (see our tutorial the past 2 weeks for a refresher on how to do this), and click the Usage limits tab. You’ll then see a screen much like this one:

As with the other tabs, the fields here are fairly self explanatory, but lets go through both of them so we understand what they do.

First is the Usage Limit Per Coupon field, see self explanatory right? Just enter the number of times this coupon is good for.

For example, enter 1 to make this coupon good for only 1 use. When a customer, any customer, uses the coupon it will no longer be good for anyone else to use. 

Next we have the Usage limit per user field, this field allows you to limit the number of times this coupon can be used per user. Just enter the number of times you want to allow a customer to use this coupon or leave it blank for unlimited uses.

Don’t worry, this does NOT mean the customer can use the coupon over and over again on one order, it means if they make an order today they can use the coupon on that order but the coupon will still be good if they wish to do another order tomorrow and use the same coupon.

Congratulations on finishing our entire series on Coupons!

Get creative with your coupons and use them to entice your customers to buy and buy more. Have some great ideas on how to use coupons? Let me know, I love to get new ideas and if I get enough ideas I’ll share them all in another future article. Until then, happy couponing!

Don’t Forget!!!

As with all things when you are creating or editing content in your Dashboard, be sure to hit that Publish or Update button to save your changes.

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