Hello everyone! The holidays are drawing closer and we are all probably trying to pick the perfect gifts, make sure we have our holiday sales up on our websites and figure out how to hold out a little longer for a COVID vaccine! Basically, it is an extremely stressful year at best. So how are we going to get the things done that we need to and keep our good senses about us? Self-care.

Normally in these posts I am going to focus on business tips, however, this time I’m going to focus on you. To be an effective business person we have to take care of ourselves first. You will likely read what I’m suggesting for self-care and think, “I know all these things.” Yes, you do but I will encourage you to do them. Exercise, get sleep, drink water and eat some  protein or veggies or whatever healthy food you tend to forget to eat. Do some online or video yoga. Call or video chat with your friends and family. We need all of these things but struggle to do them. Here’s a challenging one: Talk about and express your feelings. Whew, that one is hard. It is so important during the rush of the holidays to take care of our bodies and our minds. 

I am thinking of my family that lives all over the country and missing them. I would have gone to visit my parents and brothers in Seattle, Washington and Helena, Montana over the summer; missing them during the holidays is even worse this year! So self-care and a good dose of acceptance is in order for me. Did I mention soaking in a hot bath yet? It sounds so simple but it really is relaxing and good for you. I bought my middle son, Joe, some bath bombs once and I asked him if he would use them. He said, “Mom, of course I’ll use them. A man can soak in a bath sometimes.” Okay, enough said, and I agree. 

Alright, so say I’ve talked you into really using some good self-care this season, Great!

I hope you have a healthy and safe holiday and that business is booming!


Todd’s Pro Tip

Setup a store notice to advise customers when the last date to order a gift to receive in time for Christmas.

So business is booming and you are beginning to feel the crunch to get everything complete in time to ship and get to your customers for the big day. But how do you prevent hard feelings and keep your customers informed?

Very easy, let’s take a look today at our Store Notice Bar.

Keep in mind, this can be used for many different things throughout the year also, it is not limited to just this one purpose. Get creative and you’ll find lots of ways to use this great feature.

First, what is the Store Notice Bar? Well, when activated, it resides at the very top of your website making it the perfect spot for special notices, sales, and more. It looks like this (but keep in mind the content can be anything you choose):

Editing the content of the Store Notice Bar is extremely simple and can be turned on or off by the tick of a single check box. Let’s see how!

Start of course in your website Dashboard. In the menu on the left look for Appearance. Hover your mouse over it and in the menu that appears Click on the word Customize to open the WordPress Customizer Tool. It will look something like this:

The Store Notice Bar can be found under the menu item WooCommerce on the left towards the bottom.

Click on the word WooCommerce to open the sub menu and then click on the word Store Notice to open the controls we need.

There are only 2 options here, the first is a text field where you can enter anything you’d like to show your customers. Then there is a tick box that turns on/off the notice.

That’s it! You now have a professional way to notify your customers about anything you’d like.

Don’t forget to hit that PUBLISH button when you are done to save your work!

Have some ideas on ways to use this feature? I’d love to hear them, drop me a note and let me know.

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