Welcome! We are putting in place a new helpful tool for you to use! Going forward, CoolMo will be putting out useful posts to help you, our customer, with some business tips. As business owners ourselves we face the same challenges you do. We want to share some of the knowledge that we have developed in over 25 years of business ownership. We will include things specific to your websites and other things to help with your businesses. Have a suggestion for a tip? Let us know!

#1: Use your resources

This is a big one guys! Fun fact, we say guys because we are from the West Coast however since CoolMo is now in Texas we are learning to say You’all! I will tell you’all one of my biggest tips…many things are resources that you do not even realize. For example, say you are talking with a relative or friend and find out that they have a background in business to business sales. They are a resource! Ask questions and learn what you can. Your Coolmo e-commerce website is not only a great tool to display and sell your products, it can and should become a part of your daily routine to use the tools it provides. As you work with your website by putting in great pictures of your products, writing up enticing product descriptions and talking it up on social media and in person the more you will grow your business.

Making the most of your website as a resource: Your website is how you reach out to your customers and help them get to know you! Notice how I let you know a little bit about the CoolMo family when we got started? I want you to know about us because business is about building relationships. We are a family owned business and we started as Solutions Plus, our software company, in Southern California 25 years ago. Eventually CoolMo was born after we moved our family to Texas. We love it here, by the way! The people are friendly, the food is great and it is where we are growing our business from. When you put your colorful, vibrant photos of your products, of you, your work area etc, your customers can get a feel for what they can order and who they are ordering from. This takes your business to the next level by helping you build your brand!

Pro Tip #1 – Resetting your Password!

One of the most asked support questions we receive is how do I reset my password to get into my website dashboard. Today we are going to go through the process step by step.

Before we get started though I want to remind you to please use very strong passwords for your website. Remember, all your personal information as well as all your customer information is stored there so make sure you use a very strong password to maintain a safe environment.

Ok, let’s get started resetting our password.

First, open your internet browser and type your website address into the address bar. AFTER your website address add a forward slash / and then wp-admin as seen above. Thus you should have something like this:

Hit Enter to go to your Dashboard Login Page.

If you know your Username and Password of course you can just enter it here and press Log In, but since this post is about resetting your password let’s move right on.

Notice down at the bottom of this screen the phrase “Lost your password?” if you hover your mouse over those words and right-click them you will be shown the Get New Password screen (seen below).

Now enter your username OR your Email Address and then click the Get New Password button. If successful, you’ll see a screen something like this:

In a few minutes (from 1 to 15 minutes) you will receive an email from your website to reset your password. If you don’t see it in your email, be sure to check your spam filter. The subject of the email will be something like this: [Your Website Name] Password Reset.

Open the email and you’ll find an email that includes your site name, your username and a link to reset your password, something like this:

Note: if you do all this and then remember your password you can just delete this email and not concern yourself with the change. It will not affect your website or your password.

To complete the process of changing your actual password, just click the link in the email to be taken back to your website to finish up and create a new password for you to use. The page you see will look something like this:

Use the password that is provided for you (not likely) or enter a new password. PLEASE be sure to use only STRONG passwords. Remember, this is an e-Commerce website that deals with money and people’s information. It is important to maintain strong security and that begins with strong passwords.

Click the Reset Password button to complete the process.

That’s it! You now have a NEW password for your website. Click the log in link to login to your site.

Don’t forget, the link to access your website Dashboard is always:


ALL-CAPS added only for reference, use all lowercase letters for web addresses.

That’s it! See you next week. 🙂

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