Branding + Tips to drive more traffic to your website part 3 of 3

Hello Folks! This week our focus will be on branding. Last week we talked about identifying who our customers are and now we need to use the concepts of branding to reach our customers. When we talk about branding it is everything that goes into creating, showing and advertising your brand.

So with CoolMo, when we started branding it began like this: Todd says to Rosheen, “Honey, we need a name for our new website business.” Five seconds later he says, “Well, you got anything yet?” He has high expectations, lol. Needless to say, I did not have the new name that quickly but soon I gave him an idea that ended up becoming our name.

We talked about who our customers were and would likely be. That inspired me to use a previous name idea I had thought of and we modified it to become CoolMo Design.

We then proceeded to create a logo, a letterhead, and a website page with the new name; business cards and even picked up some customized promotional products. All of these things would help us to get our new business out there for our potential customers to see.

We happen to be really fortunate to have graphic design and artistic talent available to us to help us with our branding. Plus we are always open to hiring out for anything we are not skilled in ourselves. Whether you are going to do your own artwork and graphic design or hiring help (like CoolMo Design), make sure the look is what you want, don’t settle for second best.

Here are my suggestions on what makes a great logo for example. It needs to have clean lines, be simple and be able to be used for different types of mediums. That means it needs to look good on your website, your brochures and business cards and your t-shirts.

When you have your design, show it to a couple of people that will be honest with you and could potentially be a customer or are in your type of business. I have received some really useful feedback from friends, family and business associates on my potential logos. You can do that same thing and really polish up your branding if you have any areas that need work.

Conversely, if your logo is finished and professional it is now time to focus on getting your name and logo out there by driving quality traffic to your website. 

Hopefully this will get you thinking about your branding and all that goes into it for your increased success!


Todd’s Pro Tip

Ways to drive more traffic to your website!

Free and paid ways to get your website seen

Part 3 of our 3 part series

So we have learned how important driving new traffic is to our online store and several FREE ways to increase our quality traffic. This week we are going to focus on some FEE based services to help drive quality traffic to your online store. We are also going to look at some things you should avoid and how doing them can harm your site in very tangible ways.

Two FREE ways from Google to increase your website traffic

1) Google Ads allow brands to pay to have the top results in search engines for certain keywords. When anyone types relevant keywords into the search engine, Google will display the top results according to their relevance to the search query. Keep in mind though, he who pays Google the most…gets the most traffic!

Paid search results are the first place that a visitor sees your ad. The numbers speak for themselves. That is how you can generate traffic to your website — qualified leads from potential customers.

But before you get started paying for Google Ads, do your research to find the best possible bang for your buck. Some keywords will cost you more than others but will they return a profit for your investment? There are sites out there that will allow you to ‘snoop’ on what your competitors are spending on AdWords, take a look to see how they work. For example,

2) Google Maps Advertising allow brands to pay to have the top results in search engines for certain keywords. When anyone types relevant keywords into the search engine, Google will display the top results according to their relevance to the search query. Keep in mind though, he who pays Google the most…gets the most traffic!

Other Paid Methods of Generating Website Traffic:

  • Advertise on Social Media (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.)
  • Display Ads, though not as popular as they once were, these type of ads can be placed on complimentary businesses websites. A local Pizza place may be willing to sell you an ad to place your business right on their site. Think outside the box for more ways to advertise your business.
  • Past Customers – Not so much a paid way to advertise, but there is no better way to increase traffic and sales than to reach out to your past customers. Offer a great discount (only available to them) to get them to buy more.

Avoid Instant Website Traffic Generators:

There is no such thing as free quality traffic. I know this is a cliché, but it’s true. A lot of websites and marketing tools promise great results at little to no cost. The truth is that these services are rarely as effective as they promise — and most online marketers know it or simply don’t care. They will take your money leaving you with a lot of time to clean up their mess. Here are three reasons to avoid them:

  • Auto Website Traffic Generators Can Hurt Your Rankings
    • Google can easily spot ‘bot traffic’ and such artificial traffic will hurt not help your ranking.
  • Your Traffic Won’t Be Targeted
    • What good is traffic that just makes your site look busy but runs a very high risk of getting you in a big mess and brings in no real paying customers?
  • Your Site Could Get Banned
    • Imagine your site no longer being on Google at all? Forget the 1st page, I’m talking gone entirely! Get your traffic the right way and grow your business organically, don’t try shortcuts that ultimately never work and will cost dearly.
  1. Let’s Recap: How to increase your shop’s qualified website traffic
  • Why quality traffic is important
  • Optimize Your Free Google My Business Profile
  • Perform On-Page SEO
  • Get Listed in Online Directories
  • Post to Social Media
  • Build Backlinks
  • Engage Online
  • Google Ads
  • Google Maps Advertising
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Past Customers
  • Avoid Traffic Generators in all forms
Don’t Forget!!!

As with all things when you are creating or editing content in your Dashboard, be sure to hit that Publish or Update button to save your changes.

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