Goal Setting in Business — Tips to drive more traffic to your website – part 1 of 3

Hello Folks! We are still at the beginning of the year so it is a great time in my opinion to take a look at our business goals. A lot of us have a goal of just keeping things steady in a time of unsteadiness. This makes total sense and is a great goal. At CoolMo goal setting is one of our favorite things to do. Todd and I sit down over lunch, probably either Thai food or Tacos, staples of the CoolMo lunch menu, and discuss what goals we need to put in place.

Our goals as business owners are often guided by many factors including the economy and the market at the time. An attentive business owner focuses on what they think is realistic and tries to set goals that will benefit both short term and long term business strategies.

Since online sales are up now is a great time to make sure you are setting business goals that optimize the current online market. An example would be to set a goal of increasing sales by 20 percent in the next 6 months

Once you have your goal you come up with some strategies that will ideally help you accomplish your goal. Today’s technical tip is on guiding traffic to your website. This would be one of your strategies that could help you meet or exceed your goal of a 20 percent increase.

Then you come up with a few other options such as expanding your product line and sending email blasts to current customers. We know that we need clear goals to put a plan in place and realize our business dreams, so order your favorite take out and start setting your goals!


Todd’s Pro Tip

Ways to drive more traffic to your website!

Free and paid ways to get your website seen

Part 1 of 3 part series

Your website is your online store, just like a brick and mortar shop your visitors can learn about your products and services as well as build trust in your company. And just like a brick and mortar storefront, running an online business will take time and effort to be successful.

Yet, no matter how much work is put into the look and operation of your website, if people don’t know it exists you are not going to get visitors. That is what we are going to discuss today–driving traffic to your website!

In this series we are going to look at these topics:

  • Why driving traffic is important for success
  • Why quality traffic is a must
  • Specific tips on how to drive more traffic to your site
  • Strategies to avoid when driving traffic to your site

Why driving traffic is important for success!

When websites first came out, they were simple and displayed a business’s name, phone number, and basic information. But today’s websites are much more sophisticated: they’re built to attract potential customers before they even make contact. The key to success on a website is attractive content that promotes links back to a sale page. The latter will also help keep your site safe so consumers don’t get distracted and fall out of the process before they convert into paying customers.

Traffic can be a good indicator of business growth and it can help you to:

  • See where your marketing is working.
  • Gather insights about your audience to make decisions.
  • Improve your SEO and search engine credibility.
  • Generate more leads, increase conversions, and get more customers.

The more visitors come to your site, the greater your chances of converting these shoppers to customers. Traffic is a top priority for e-commerce marketers and SEO experts. Achieving these aims requires traffic and acquiring it the right way—based on quality of visitors!

Why Quality Traffic is a Must

If you’re new, your traffic may have been increasing but you may not be getting the right kind of visitors. If you aren’t converting, then you are likely getting the wrong kind of traffic. You want to optimize your marketing campaign for the changes in your website and convert browsers into customers.

There are a number of ways to boost site conversions. To start, you must attract the right visitors to your site in the first place. How do you attract visitors? You optimize your page content and design. First, you write for them who will benefit from your product or service. Then you design your page content with relevance and functionality to draw customers towards your site in the first place.

After all, your goal is to draw quality visitors that convert into paying customers. All our websites are pre-loaded with hundreds of products for you to use but in order to draw quality visitors it is important for you to customize the product descriptions, photos, etc. to match your brand. Remember, you are not the only online print shop out there, work towards making your shop unique, professional and interesting.

Avenues to drive quality traffic to your website

There isn’t one easy-to-use tool that drives quality traffic to your website. There is, however, a mix of strategies and channels that work together to drive visitors. Some require effort and money, others require time and effort. Some strategies and channels that drive traffic include:

  • Online Directory Listings
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Online Ads
  • Blogging

In part 2 of our series, we’ll be focusing on the most productive free ways to increase traffic to your e-commerce site .

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